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Title                             : Perahu Kertas
Author                         : Dewi Lestari
Genre                          : Popular
Publisher                     : Bentang Pustaka
Year                            : 2009
Reviewed by               : Indah Tri

            Perahu kertas is romantic novel which written by Dewi Lestari or can be called Dee. It is published in 2009 but brilliant idea of perahu kertas has been formatted since 1996. At the middle of writing, Dee quit writing and this story should be sleep deeply. Perahu kertas is Dee’s first novel with popular as genre. This novel is well-known as digital novel published by one of famous cellular company in Indonesia. This year perahu kertas has been filmed.
            Perahu Kertas tells about a girl named Kugy, who has a dream being a tale author. But, people around are hopeless with it. Kugy has two brother and two sister with the initial “K” in their name. Kugy is a hard worker since she was in Senior High. She had a small library in her room and it was used for lending and borrowing a comic or book. The only hobby and she hopes it can be true is writing a tale. But, the only thing that she likes to do is making origami likes a ship and flowing it at the sea or river. Kugy believes what she writes in origami will be read by Neptunus. It sounds a little impossible but it is her belief.
            Taking literary subject in one of university in Bandung help Kugy finding the way to get her dream come true. Kugy meets Keenan, cousin of her best friend and also student of management. Kugy’s day changed and so does her heart. Kugy and Keenan have same problem. Kugy likes tale and Keenan likes painting but they keep their dream well by themselves. Since then, they support each other so they are closer. They share their dream that has been kept.
            But, everything become so badly when Noni, Kugy’s best friend introduces her cousin from Aussie and let her makes a date with Keenan. Kugy gets a strange feeling, she realize that she falls in love. But, the problem becomes so complicated. Kugy must loose Nony and Keenan at the same time. It drives her mad till she takes a short semester in holiday for forgetting Keenan and her problems. Kugy can’t stand crying every day. And Keenan, he must do his own way to get his dream in Ubud.
            A few years later, Kugy and Keenan meet in Nony’s party but they are not in same condition likes many years ago when they are still in Bandung. Kugy has someone special, Remi and so does Keenan, Luhde. Kugy feels she goes flashing back in many years ago. Kugy find her dream that she has thrown away because Keenan ask her to have one great project by combining story tale and art. But, Kugy should realize how far they are actually. Kugy may be keep her love, lets Keenan choosing Luhde and break her heart. It sounds a good solution for her, Keenan, Remi and Luhde. But, it is not best thing because Remi and Luhde know that love can not choose where it should be but love is chosen. So, Kugy and Keenan don’t need a dream because it has been hold together and ever after.
            This story tells us about go on living. From this story, we know that life should rotate like a wheel. I like a sentence “ Terkadang kita berputar menjadi sesuatu yang bukan kita demi menjadi diri kita lagi.” That inspires me. Kugy and Keenan teach us that dream must be reached and our life could not flow like water; we always find many troubles and obstacles.
            I recommended this novel for all who likes reading a pop novel. This novel is not a hard as another pop novel. It tells about affection, brotherhood, friendship but it is mixture in as easy reading. Though there are so many places in its setting but it doesn’t make the unimportant detail. Dee’s writing such as perahu kertas, it flows calmly but gives suspense.       

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